Board Members

2017 – 2018

Photo of Cathie Cartwright

Cathie Cartwright


The guild President presides over the meetings, oversees all operations of the guild, and maintains all board approved motions. All aspects of quilting and quilters fascinate me.  I am a hand quilter and have participated in guilds since 1980.  My current focus has been a personally designed wool & flannel Christmas quilt for each family member.  Nine completed quilts have each won blue ribbons and the last two quilts are in progress.  The pressure is "on." I grew up in Chicago, graduated from Elmhurst College, worked as a National Park Service ranger in California and Nevada, worked at a middle school library in  Minnesota while kids were in school, and just celebrated 18 years with Edward Jones Investments. Wayne and I have been married for 46 years.  Both of our kids, Mike and Emily became doctors, both attended Wake Forest School of Medicine.  We retired here in July 2014 to enjoy our grandkids.  My next door neighbor, Margaret Varner brought me to Forsyth Piecers before our moving boxes were unpacked.  Thank you Margaret!  

Photo of Gina Kostelecky

Gina Kostelecky

1st Vice President

The 1st Vice-President takes over the duties of the President when needed and is responsible for scheduling speakers  for the next year’s programs.  Will assume President's duties in their absence and will move to that position the following year.

Photo of Pat Arndt

Pat Arndt

2nd Vice President

The 2nd Vice President is responsible for Show n Tell - providing signup sheets and assistance during the process to ensure pictures taken will match items shown.  Also, assists 1st VP at the meetings.  Will fill in for 1st VP in their absence and will move into that position the following year.

Sharon Cihak


The secretary takes monthly minutes of each guild meeting. The minutes are submitted to the Newsletter chair for posting in the Newsletter for members to read.

Photo of Debbie Stoltz

Debbie Stoltz


The Treasurer collects and disburses guild funds for all guild activities, including our biennial Quilt Show and our decennial Symposium. Proper financial records are maintained. Annual audits are performed at the end of each fiscal year. I enjoy staying busy and being creative. While I’ve sewn and crocheted from an early age, I always wanted to make a quilt. So when I hit the big 4-0, I decided I’d better do something about it. I bought a sampler pattern for beginners, and fell in love with the whole process. I still have much to learn, and my applique is definitely nothing to brag about, but I keep trying. Eventually I’ll get good at it. Mainly I enjoy all the wonderful people who I’ve met through quilting and the opportunity to share this awesome craft. I have a wonderful husband, Tony, who supports my love of quilting, and still makes me laugh every day. I have two grown children, Chris and Amy, who both married a few years ago, so our family has grown to include Maya and Matt. Life is good. I’m also a long-time member of, and current president of the Surry Quilter’s Guild. I have an MBA from Gardner-Webb University and I work at HBI as an IMSS Inventory Manager. The secretary takes monthly minutes of each guild meeting. The minutes are submitted to the Newsletter chair for posting in the Newsletter for members to read.

Past Presidents — Lifetime Honorary Members

Year — Member

1983-1984 — Karen Pervier
1984-1985 — Linda Martin
1985-1986 — Fannye Hall
1986-1987 — Suzi Jackson
1987-1988 — Sue Kneppelt
1988-1989 — Laura Bradbard, Kris Kokoski
1989-1990 — Ava Troxler
1990-1991 — Chris Hudson
1991-1992 — Pat Lysell
1992-1993 — Bonnie Leazer
1993-1994 — Nancy Drauszewski
1994-1995 — Debbie Voigt
1995-1996 — Katie Graves
1996-1997 — Martha Claire Henzler
1997-1998 — Genevieve Dillingham
1998-1999 — Gail McNeill
1999-2000 — Glenna Williams

Year — Member

2000-2001 — Jean Markle
2001-2002 — Lisa Alley
2002-2003 — Rosann Davis
2003-2004 — Laura Patridge
2004-2005 — Shirley Brinkley
2005-2006 — Peggy Bruton
2006-2007 — Renee Bachmeier
2007-2008 — Jennifer Lane
2008-2009 — Laura Patridge
2009-2010 — Ann Petitjean
2010-2011 — Leanne M. Brendle
2011-2012 — Ava Lewandowski
2012-2013 — Carrie Pippins
2013-2014 — Patti Mansson
2014-2015 — Debbie Stoltz
2015-2016 — Adele Aiken
2016-2017 — Tim Rickman

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