Committee Chairs

2015 – 2016

Photo of Laura Davies

Laura Davies

Bee Keeper

I have been quilting since 2006. I am totally self taught using library books and the internet. I joined the guild to learn more techniques and to get new ideas. I love quilting my own quilts and hardly a day goes by when my sewing machine is not in use. I stay at home with my three children. I also love to read, garden and knit.

The Bee Keeper maintains a roster of bees within the guild. This roster reflects each bee’s membership, contact person, meeting times and places. Members of the guild interested in joining a bee should contact the Bee Keeper for assistance. The Bee Keeper provides this information to the Web Administrator for posting on the website.

Photo of Kelly Healy

Kelly Healy

Education (Outside Groups)

I have been a member of Quilt Guild for many years and enjoy sewing quilts, clothing and home decorating projects. My mother was a member of quilt guild in the 1980’s and taught me how to sew on her old Elna machine. She also taught us to piece and quilt by hand. I have been quilting for 30 years and my first quilt was made of simple four-inch squares and tied. I still have it and use it for picnics. I am co-chair of Bee Creative and really enjoy sit-and-sew-type gatherings. My favorite part of guild meetings is the show-and-tell; I really am inspired by all the talented quilters I see here! At times, the guild is asked to demonstrate quilting at area events. The Education chair is responsible for coordinating volunteers for those demonstrations.

Photo of Margaret Varner

Margaret Varner

Hospitality (Co-Chair)

I joined the guild in 1991 when they met at the church on Bolton Street. Since then I have been the Librarian for several years, Membership for 2 years and many years as either the Hospitality Assistant (with Fannye Hall) or in charge of Hospitality. I have also served on several quilt show committees. I am also an active member of the Mooresville Centerpiece Quilt Guild. The Hospitality chair is responsible for procuring members to supply refreshments at all Guild meetings. This is done by a volunteer sign-up sheet.

Photo of Della Lawson

Della Lawson

Hospitality (Co-Chair)

I have always had a love of quilting and sewing. I learned to quilt from my mother and grandmothers and learned traditional quilting and hand quilting from them. I have been commissioned to hand quilt projects for Colonial Williamsburg. With a background in fashion and interior design, I enjoy making quilts to display and use in the home. I enjoy the Forsyth Piecers and Quilters Guild group of talented quilters with whom I am inspired by every month! Happy Quilting! The Hospitality Chair is responsible for procuring members to supply refreshments at all Guild meetings. This is done by a volunteer sign-up sheet.

Photo of Ania Reich

Ania Reich


I have been working on crafts since I was a little girl. Mostly it was crocheting, cross stitching, embroidery, knitting, and sewing garments. I love to keep busy and not be a couch potato. I discovered quilting about 10 years ago; but I started quilting in earnest just a few years ago. I design my own quilts and love working on art quilts but I enjoy and love all kinds of quilting. I love to exercise by running, biking and gardening. I spend my free time working on my quilts and working in my gardens. I love dogs and animals and many times they are the subject of my quilts. I love my family; my wonderful husband Richard and my grown children, my precious Great Dane, and my cat. The Guild is a constant source of inspiration for me as I love show- and- tell, the wonderful speakers and the talented quilters. The Librarian is responsible for making available all the books in the library at each monthly meeting. Members are allowed to borrow books for a month at no charge. New books are added periodically, usually by recommendation of a member. Once new books are added, a notice is placed in the Newsletter. A complete list is provided to the web administrator for posting on the website.

Photo of Nancy Porter

Nancy Porter

Newsletter Editor

No one in my family quilted, but I always wanted to learn how. When I was in my 20’s, I decided to teach myself, bought a couple of books, watched a couple of shows on PBS, and embarked on a Texas Lone Star quilt. I pieced it entirely by hand (b/c I thought that was the ONLY way to do it). It took me 5 years to finish it. Then I decided that maybe I should take a class or two, and I was hooked!! Have made about 30 quilts, at least one for every family (and extended family) member and every birth and wedding. I have been a member of FPQG for 15+ years. I work at First Presbyterian Church downtown. I enjoy cooking, bicycling, travelling, and playing with my four kitties. I also do volunteer work with 4Paws Pet Foundation that rescues and adopts out abandoned cats and kittens. Each month, board members and committee chairs submit their information to the Newsletter editor(s) for inclusion in the guild Newsletter. Monthly Newsletters are created in a timely manner and are provided to the newsletter distributor. Archive copies are maintained.

Photo of Joan Lowder

Joan Lowder

Preemie & Charity Quilts Co-Chair

In skinny, younger years, I made all my own clothes and sewed quite well. When there were then too many rolls and curves to sew around, my sister suggested quilting. Little did I know quilting could have the same. I’m self taught sewing & quilter and always a wannabe art quilter. Love meeting new people. The Preemie chair is responsible for gathering preemie quilts made by our members and distributing these quilts to the local children’s hospitals. The chair also assembles preemie quilt kits which include the batting and backing (provided by the guild) for members to use in construction of the preemie quilt.

Photo of Jan Nelson

Jan Nelson

Preemie & Charity Quilts Co-Chair

I have loved quilts all of my life.  I have several old quilts done by family members.  They are now threadbare in spots, but I still love them.  I made my first quilt for my nephew as a baby gift.  He still has it, 30 years later. I have been a Forsyth Piecers & Quilters member since 2005.  I had been the Newsletter Distributor,  headed up the 2013 Brenner Tree Project, and was the co-chair for  the 2014 Guild Quilt Show with Karen Oghalai.  I am looking forward to working with Joan Lowder and the Preemie Quilts this year.  It is an honor to have our little quilts bring comfort to the babies and their parents. The Preemie chair is responsible for gathering preemie quilts made by our members and distributing these quilts to the local children’s hospitals. The chair also assembles preemie quilt kits which include the batting and backing (provided by the guild) for members to use in construction of the preemie quilt.

Photo of Adele Aiken

Adele Aiken


My interest in quilting dates back to 2002 when my first grandchild was born. At that time, my quilting was limited to making quilts for grand-babies. I didn’t have an opportunity to take classes, so I just pulled what I could out of books. Five years later when we moved to Winston-Salem, I met Gloria Bruce, who introduced me to her bee and to the guild. That is when my love of quilting really took off. Today I am a happy quilter with 13 grandchildren and quite a few quilts under my belt. I truly love the whole quilting process—designing, playing with color, and learning new techniques. I find being in the guild really opens new doors and ideas for me. I am blessed. The Publicity chair is responsible for publicizing all guild events.

Photo of Barbara Wagner

Barbara Wagner

Senior Lap Quilts

Barbara Wagner: My sewing life began in grade school (mother and home.ect.), but quilting began when a friend loaned me her quilt in a day(!) log cabin book and I progressed to Irish chain to paper piecing (Noah’s ark for a grandson),Bargello beach theme for his big sister, and so on. But real quilting was later while doing strip quilts for two other granddaughters, and on from there. Sometime my artist daughter even creates a pattern for me! So it’s mostly family as well as those various quilts for guild projects. Note: for bed quilts where on partner is warmer than the other, I vary the amount a batting per side, taking the season it will be used into account! I’m really grateful for all who have contributed to Senior Quilts!

Photo of Paige Gallman

Paige Gallman


Hey I’m Paige. I am married to my high school sweetheart of 23years. I have two children. A daughter Jourdan (20) and a son RJ (18). I have been sewing most of my life and am self taught. Both of my grandmothers quilted. I have always loved the quilts they made. I really started quilting more when my children became teenagers. Quilting is form of Art and an expression of life. I really got serious when I felt God impress my heart to make preemie quilts for Brenner’s children hospital. I wanted to bless those who are going through challenges in life with the love of a quilt to comfort them. To let them know God holds them in his hands just like a quilt wraps around them. This chair is responsible for sending cards and/or flowers to sick or grieving members.

Photo of Charlotte Pritchard

Charlotte Pritchard

Web Administrator

Becki Bostick


The Welcome Chair, at each meeting, provides a sign-in sheet for visitors and new members, new member packets, new member name tags (made by volunteers from general membership), greeter badges and tickets for door prizes. The Welcome Chair is also responsible for updating and producing the Guild directory.

Dianne Luce


The workshop chair takes registrations and fees for the workshops; arranges with the church for the necessary space and any equipment that is needed for the workshop; attends the workshop at no charge or arranges to have someone else attend in her place; opens and closes the church the day of the workshop; gets lunch for the leader (opt – can take orders for lunch from the participants but is not required to do so)