Program Archive

A record of programs and workshops previous to April 2015

Charitable Projects

Past Workshops

  • “Quilters Gallery” — Star Quilt Block
  • “Patsy Thompson” — Free-Motion Quilting
  • “Margaret Lehman” — Machine Applique
  • “Fran Kordek” — Protechnics
  • “Gloria Stickney” — Square in a Square
  • “Susan Brubaker Knapp” — Paint & Stitch–Peacock Feather
  • “Lynn Buske” — Stained Glass Wall Hanging
  • “Jean Wells Keenan” — — “Intuitive Color and Design”
  • “Cindy Blackberg” —

Past Programs

MARCH, 2015 – March 9, 2015, Yard Sale

One person’s UFO is another person’s treasure. We cleared out your sewing space and made some money for buying more fabric!!! Lots of treasures were bought and sold!!

FEBRUARY, 2015 – Quilters Gallery (“The Pizza Girls”)

Former brick-and-mortar quilt shop owners, Patti Cline and Cindy Page, presented a trunk show at the meeting and a workshop entited “Night Sky” on Tuesday the 10th. The workshop fee included EVERYTHING needed for the workshop except your sewing machine – ruler, pattern and a pre-cut batik block This was a great class to sign up for–learning a technique for making star blocks that look really hard but are actually something a confident beginner can do! (for more info, check out their website– Quilters Gallery.

JANUARY, 2015 – Modern Quilt Trunk Show

Our Librarian, Ania Reich, talked about modern quilting. Ania is a wonderful quilter. She steps out of the box with her designs so they are fresh and fun to see. Ania was the “best in show” winner for the last two quilt shows, so you know she’s good! Also in January we started our “Ugly Fabric Challenge”.

DECEMBER, 2014 – Christmas Pot Luck Dinner

This was fun night for all. Annual Christmas Pot Luck dinner. Lots of delicious food and fellowship. We played a game with a wrapped gift exchange. Also, we had a used book sale to benefit the guild library.

NOVEMBER, 2014 – Christmas Round Robin

This was be a fun night for all. We learned to make holiday treats, cards, ornaments, fabric bowls, etc. We all came away with ideas of quick gifts to make for friends.

OCTOBER, 2014 – Patsy Thompson

Trunk ShowPatsy Thompson has been quilting for more than 35 years and was a hand quilter for her first 25-plus years in quilting. She struggled to learn the art of free-motion machine quilting; and once she mastered it, free motion machine quilting became a wonderful, creative outlet for her. Patsy now passes along her free-motion mastery to others and delights in teaching fun skills to couple with free-motion work, like trapunto, free-motion embroidery, and couching. In the past few years, she has also taken up machine embroidery applique on the embroidery machine and has developed a very simple multi-hooping system to create complex quilt blocks using an embroidery machine. She and her husband have published 9 instructional DVDs on free-motion quilting, 2 books, and many patterns for quilting as well as machine embroidery applique. She and her husband divide their time between Holland, Ohio and Asheville, North Carolina; and when they aren’t busy creating DVDs, they each work as practicing physicians.
You can see Patsy’s website at Patsy Thompson Designs.

SEPTEMBER, 2014 – Margaret Layman, Applique and Trunk Show

Margaret Layman is a long-time quilter and dressmaker who puts exquisite details in her work. She has won many awards for her machine applique techniques. If you’ve ever been afraid of applique, here is your chance to learn from a master.

AUGUST-2014 -Fran Kordek Stories Told, Lessons Learned

Fran Kordek, award winning quilter from Elkins, WV, has been making and designing quilts since 1974. She is both a National Quilting Association Certified Judge and Certified Teacher, and in 2003 was honored as the first NQA Teacher of the Year. Fran markets her original designs under the name Subtle Endeavors and has been active in her local and state guilds and in West Virginia’s quilt documentation project. Learn more about Fran at Subtle Endeavors.

JULY, 2014 -Gloria Stickney, Square-in-a-Square Demonstration

Gloria Stickney, currently business manger in the physics department at Wake Forest University, also has worked in human resources and research and sponsored programs during the 11 years she’s been at Wake Forest, but she’s more commonly known around campus as the “quilt lady” for her Wake Forest quilts. Gloria’s website is

MAY, 2014 -Bonnie Shropshire, No-Sew Stained Glass

Bonnie Shropshire is passionate about art and quilting. An artist her entire life, a stained glass artist for 9 years and quilter for more than 30 years she wanted to combine all aspects in a way that everyone could enjoy and be creative. Her stained glass specialty is custom base lamps with copper overlays. While drawing some original designs for her lamps, she started to envision what the designs would look like in fabric and thus “No Sew Stained Glass” was born. Bonnie is also a designer for OESD/Bernina. She currently has four sets of embroidery designs on the market, including: Feather Beauties and Floral Beauties among others which are based on her very detailed pencil drawings.

APRIL, 2014 -Susan Brubaker Knapp Lecture: “Point, Click, Quilt”, includes a Workshop: “Paint and Stitch”: Peacock Feather.

A one-hour digital slide show and trunk show based on Susan’s book, “Point, Click, Quilt!” This lecture focuses on tips for taking better photographs, and then turning them into art quilts. This is an inspirational and detailed look at the process of tracing the photo, enlarging the line drawing, fusing the applique pieces for the quilt, then creating a positional overlay and cutting, positioning, and fusing the pieces before thread sketching and quilting. A trunk show of pieces from the slideshow and additional work follows. Questions are welcomed.

MARCH, 2014 -Lisa Alley, History of Quilts in North Carolina

Lisa has been quilting for several years and is the owner and operator of Bear Hug Quiltworks. Lisa is Past President of the Forsyth Piecers and Quilters, serving in 2001 and 2002; and she has served as Co-Chair of the Quilt Show. Lisa will be presenting a program on the History of Quilts in North Carolina based on information gathered from the North Carolina Museum of History and from the book North Carolina Quilts. She will also present a small trunk show of antique quilts she has adopted along the way.

FEBRUARY, 2014–Johanna Brown From the Blooms in God’s Garden: Moravian Needlework.

Johanna is the Director of Collections and Curator of Moravian decorative Arts at Old Salem. The Museum has at least one wool quilt dating from the 1750’s. Johanna’s presentation will be on the Salem Girl’s School needlework.

JANUARY, 2014–Tim Rickman, Traveling to Quilt Shows.

DECEMBER, 2013 -Pot Luck Holiday Celebration.

NOVEMBER, 2013 -Lynn Buske, Trunk Show and Workshop

OCTOBER, 2013 -Deb Johnson, Mandala Quilts.

SEPTEMBER, 2013–Leanne Brendle, Barn Quilts and Barn Quilt Trails.

AUGUST, 2013 -Old Fashioned Guild Quilt Bee – Meet and Greet and quilt with fellow Quilt Guild Members.

JULY, 2013 -Susan Edmonson and “Creativity with Quilting and Mixed Media and Trunk Show”.

JUNE, 2013 -Pot Luck and Changing of the Guard.

Members shared their personalized talents and knowledge in this workshop. Stations were set up to allow everyone to move around learning different techniques.

MAY, 2013 -Round Robin Mini-Workshops

Members will share their talents and knowledge in this workshop. The workshops will be set up around our meeting room and everyone will be able to move around from station to station to learn many different techniques.

Thank you to the following members for their part in the workshops.

Freezer Paper Appliqué – Martha Claire Henzler
English Paper Piecing – Carrie Pippins
How To make Quilt Sleeves – Audrey Flock
Quilt Binding, How To and Tricks – Audrey Flock
Knitting – Laura Davies
Crochet – Debbie Stoltz
Half Square Triangle Trick – Bernita Ignaszewski
Hand Quilting – Susie Ouellette
Back Basting Appliqué – Patti Mansson
Wool Appliqué – Kathleen Baden
Scrap Quilting – Amy Elliot
Art Quilting Basics – Marlene Land
T-Shirt and Memorial Quilts – Tim Rickman

APRIL, 2013 – Michelle Scott, Program: “Quilt As Desired”.

“Quilt as desired…” – don’t you just hate those words?? Using A LOT of quilts, Michele shows us the many ways we can machine quilt our completed tops. With her trademark humor, high energy and “done is better than perfect” attitude, Michele takes us on a journey through her 20 years of quilting. Website:

MARCH, 2013 – Quilters Gallery, Program: “Ruler Mania”. Website:

FEBRUARY, 2013 – Jean Wells Keenan: Program “Sticks and Stones” and “Workshop”, Incentive Color and Design Website:

JANUARY, 2013 – “Old fashioned Sit-n-Sew”

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