2018 Quilt Raffle


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2018 Quilt Raffle

Buy your raffle tickets online!

Click on an option to purchase a ticket package…

Pack of 14 Tickets $10 Pack of 6 Tickets $5

After you have purchased your tickets, you will receive an email acknowledging your purchase and your tickets will then be processed.

You will receive a second email with your ticket numbers. It is not necessary for you to keep the list of numbers. If your name is drawn as the winner, we will contact you immediately and you will not be expected to show any proof of purchase.

You will have the option to create a username and password, doing so does not make you a member of the guild these usernames will be deleted. You do not need to be a member of the guild to purchase raffle tickets.

note: you can purchase multiple packs of tickets. 

Double Your Pleasure Quilt Raffle

Double your pleasure, double your fun!

Two quilts to raffle, not just one!

2 Drawings – 2 Winners

Each ticket will be eligible for the two drawings. The first drawing will be for Floral Paradise (72″ x 64″). The second drawing will be for Morning Garden (80″ x 80″).
The drawing will take place at 4 pm, November 3, 2018 at our show – Winston Salem Quilts – to be held at the Gateway YWCA, 1300 South Main Street Winston-Salem, NC 27127. You don’t need to be present to win. If the winner is from out of town, the guild will mail the winning prize to them.


What Does the Guild Do With the Money from the Quilt Raffle?

When you purchase a raffle ticket from the quilter’s guild, you not only have a chance to win one of two beautiful quilts, but you help our guild continue with our many community, charity projects. The guild’s mission statement is that we are organized for charitable purposes: and to benefit, educate and support persons interested in continuing the art and craft of quilting. Here are some of the ways we, as a guild, work towards fulfilling our mission statement –
  • Nap Blankets for Section 8 Kindergarteners – we provide about 500 quilts for these children every year. Many of the children have never owned something that is only theirs. They love picking out their quilt and using it throughout the year for nap time. At the end of the year, they take it home and the guild starts making 500 more!!
  • Senior Quilts – we provide quilts for seniors involved in the Meals on Wheels program.
  • Quilts of Valor – we make quilts to honor veterans for their service to our country.
  • Preemie Quilts – we provide baby quilts to the critically ill premies at Baptist Hospital.
  • Teaching quilting/sewing to inner-city residents through City Lights Ministry.
  • Engaging educational speakers to promote and enhance quilting skills.
So thank you for buying a raffle ticket – your $1 will go a long way and will bless many!! We appreciate your coming alongside of us to help with our projects. May yours be one of the two winning tickets!


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