Committee Chairs


Membership: Nancy Porter
JoAnn Vincent
Welcome: Cathy Patel
Workshops: Lita Wieter
Special Events: Sharon Cihak
Quilt Show 2025: Debbie Stoltz
Martha Green
Newsletter Editor: Peggy Mulrenin
Bee Keeper: Deborah Wood
Librarian: Linda Fichthorn
Refreshments: Kris Wilhelmi
Education: Linda Whicker
Nap Blankets: Barb Steffy
Laurie Harlan-White
Preemie Quilts: Amy Elliott
Senior Lap Quilts and Quilts of Valor: Nancy Wright
Sunshine: Open
Fat Quarter Fun: Melinda Harris
Website Administrator: Lisa Turner
Facebook Administrator: Roberta Upton
Photography: Alison Pecoul
Announcements via Email: Patti Mansson
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