Nap Blankets


Nap Blankets is a project started for the first time in July, 2009. This project supports the “Equity Plus Schools” program in Forsyth County, providing hand-made blankets to pre-schoolers and kindergarteners to use during the school year. At the end of the school year, the children get to keep their blanket as their own.

During an August 2009 monthly meeting, Dale Link, an active FPQG member, made the plea promoting the charitable program. Since then, Dale has been the total force behind providing members with instructions and setting up workshops where members can get together to make the blankets. Dale is now the chair over the Nap Blankets position. Please feel free to contact Dale with any questions or for more information about the program.

Dec 2013 –

The Nap Blanket Project continues to grow after 3 years of serving the Pre-Kindergarten classrooms of Winston Salem /Forsyth County Schools who meet the criteria for Equity Plus Schools.

For an elementary school this means over 75% of the students receive free or reduced lunches. Our guild has partnered with other quilters in guilds and church groups to provide over 400 nap blankets per year.

It’s hard to describe the joy on the face of a youngster as he or she chooses their very own blanket! Perhaps the photos below can say it best.

I’m happy to report we already have 50 nap blankets waiting to be distributed in September 2014! Thank you so much for your support for the Nap Blanket Project for our youngest students.