Senior Quilts

GreeNest provides household furnishings to people moving from homelessness to independent living. Referred from social service agencies in Forsyth County, they can use bed quilts for either double or twin beds.

Solus Christus, a Christian Safe House for Women in Addiction, is located in East Bend. Donations are made through Redeemer Presbyterian Church. They can use twin bed quilts.

Williams Adult Day Care Center provides day care for seniors who need supervision while family members are working. They can use adult appropriate nap blankets. Measuring approximately 36” by width of fabric, they do not need batting. Finish as pre-K nap blankets, stitching 1/4” around edge and quilting center to secure both layers.

Senior Services provides a range of resources to the elderly. They can use adult appropriate nap blankets (same as described above) as well as lap blankets in various sizes ranging from (approximately) 42”x 36” to 54”x 60”.

Reminder: All quilts should have labels showing a donation from the guild. Labels are available at guild meetings. Also, be sure to pin a paper label on the quilt with the maker’s name on it so the committee can record the donation.

Print Instructions document:

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