Show n’ Tell


It is “Show & Tell” Time . . .

For our members, “Show and Tell” is the highlight of every meeting. Everyone enjoys bringing in their items to share with the other members. Perhaps it is a finished quilt, or only a quilt top, or a quilted bag, but it’s the sharing moment that is so dear to all the members. We get to tell about the stories behind the project, who it was made for and why. Some projects are created for fun, others for a special occasion, and many others as a donation. Usually we inspire each other by showing our work. Come, join us. Spend an evening of fun. Get to meet our extremely talented gang. We are certain you too, will catch the fever.

The gallery below showcases member’s works. If you’ve missed a meeting or you are just wanting to view our projects, please be our guest and stroll through our collection crafted from the heart. Just click on a photo to open the album.

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